Primrose Hill

Private commission

Technique: hand woven tapestry

Size: 1000 x 2400mm

Woven on a mohair warp with wool and linen coloured weft threads, this tapestry was initially commissioned as a single piece (the central panel). The client's wish for a larger tapestry initiated the idea of extending the original image to form a triptych.

'Primrose Hill' is aptly named - in springtime it is peppered with primroses. In autumn the numerous trees present a carpet of amber leaves.

The tapestry was partly conceived to depict these two seasonal characteristics. Primroses and autumnal leaves lie on the footprint of the hill, along the lines of the hill’s mapped footpaths.

The hill is an area of London which seems to touch the sky, with city life nestled all around. The prominent red dot identifies ‘home’ and how it sits within the comfort of the hill.